Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting for WeldTrain – HSE Project was held on the 18th and 19th of December 2012 in Timisoara, Romania.

A. Objective    

Leonardo da Vinci innovation transfer project launch on “Health, Safety and Environment in welding“.

B. Agenda

Tuesday, 18th December 2012

9:00     Welcome

9:10     Short Presentation of Participants

9:30     Project’s Overview

- Objectives

- Target Groups

- Partnership required experience

- Timetable and Workplan

11:00   Coffee Break

11:15   Work – programme

- WP1 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: ISIM)

- WP2 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: IIS)

12:45   Lunch Break

14:00   Work – programme (Cont.)

- WP3 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: ISQ)

- WP4 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: ISPL)

- WP5 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: ISQ)

16:00   Coffee Break

16:15   Discussion

16:45   End of the meeting

20:00 Dinner

Wednesday, 19th December 2012

09:00   Project Financial Issues

11:00   Coffee Break

11:15   Work – programme (Cont.)

- WP6 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: IIS)

- WP7 – Overview and actions to be taken (WP leader: ISIM)

13:00   Final Conclusions

13:30    Date and Place of next Meeting

13:45   End of the meeting

C. Decisions made:
WP1:Analysis of national requirements in the field of environment, occupational health and safety management

- Achievement of a common questionnaire for all partner countries
- Questionnaire should not contain more than 20 questions
- A minimum of 600 questionnaires should be sent, aprox. 150 questionnaires / country
- Transfer of the guidelines by the IIS partner
- Purchase of equipment

WP2: Development of Guideline for training
- Informing EWF on the project’s agenda and its implementation
- Request of recognition of the course by EWF
- Developing the draft of the course

WP3: Drawing up the course materials for HSE Management in Welding
Romania and Poland will bring an external evaluator

WP4: Organization of pilot-courses
- This working package will begin by October 2013

WP5: Evaluation of pilot-courses and exam database
- Establishing a database for the question assessment
- Finding of a national external assessor
- Database Exam will move to WP 2 (question preparation)
- The Partners from Portugal and Italy will be the ones to review the questions for Romanian and Polish partners
WP6: Dissemination
- Sending of at least 100 invitations for the conference
- Setting the target group
- Sharing some brochures on the project results at an international conference
- Realization of a Facebook page with the project theme by ISIM
- Realization of the project logo by the Italian partner
- Filming of the conferences by each of the partners

WP 7: Project management
- Realization of the 6 month report template for the partners
- Making of the website so as to be accessible from phones


D. Next meeting:

Next meeting will be in 4-5th of July 2013, Genova, Italy


Photos from the event



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