Results of the Questionnaire “Health, Safety and Environment in Welding”

Results of the Questionnaire“Health, Safety and Environment in Welding”

The main aim of the questionnaire was to determine the range of subjects which should be raised during the course “Health, safety and environmental training for welding personnel”. The interest of participating in such course among interviewees was also recognized and estimated.

The survey for the consortium was conducted from 11th of March till 30th of April 2013 and 135 questionnaires were collected, 30 from ISIM, 12 from ISQ, 47 from IIS and 46 from ISPL.

Questionnaires were sent by e-mail, by fax to the potential final users and were given during different courses which took place in IIS and in ISPL. An e-mail with a link to access the questionnaire was sent to the companies from Portugal, notifying them that the survey was available online.

The questionnaire consisted of two parts:

1.      Company data, which contains such information as size of the company, main activity fields, type of realized products, applied welding methods, base materials and certification data.

2.      Main part, which contains 19 questions divided into 4 categories (A – Health, B – Safety, C – Environment, D – Courses and training).