Activities and Results

The definition of each WP has been designed to ensure a balanced distribution between the objectives and activities of the project and to guarantee that each WP will be led according to each partner’s expertise.

Work-package Duration WP Leader
WP1 – Analysis of national requirements in the field of environment, occupational health and safety management Month 3 to 7 ISIM
WP2 – Development of Guideline for training Month 6 to 11 IIS
WP3 – Drawing up the course materials for HSE Management in Welding Month 8 to 22 ISQ
WP4 – Organization of pilot-courses Month 16 to 22 ISPL
WP5 – Evaluation of pilot-courses and exam database Month 1 to 24 ISQ
WP6 – Dissemination Month 1 to 24 IIS
WP7 – Project management Month 1 to 24 ISIM

For logistical reasons, some of the WPs will run simultaneously while others will depend on the completion of an earlier WP. Consortium management, quality and evaluation assurance will be ongoing throughout the project to ensure the highest standards, while dissemination and exploitation will also be a key aspect to ensure long-term impact, sustainability and mainstreaming of the project’s results. Certainly dissemination and exploitation will target a diverse range of channels and different stakeholders, at local, regional, national, European level.

All WPs have a lead partner who works closely with the project coordinator and is responsible for ensure that all activities and results will be developed with high quality standards. All partners participate actively in all WPs and are co-responsible to achieve the objectives and outcomes.

All results should respect the template developed by the WP leader and agreed by the partnership.